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Thomas´s Barber shop is a traditional barber shop for men. We are using classic razors since 2010 and as the first original barber shop to open here in Prague, we severed as inspiration for other shops to open around the Czech Republic, adopting our same classic methods of men’s grooming. 

In our salon you can enjoy classic shaving methods accompanied by a steaming hot towel. 


Pleasant atmosphere and professional service with our luxury barber experience.

We provide men’s services only





























                                                  PLACE LIKE MEN CLUB


Our shop is not a ‘modern day’ hair salon, at our establishment you step back to the golden age of barber shops. Hot-towel prepping, straight-razor closeness and all with bringing back tradition of when a visit to the barber shop was more than just a haircut. We strive to make you feel and look great in an environment where you can relax, socialise and enjoy a real man’s grooming.


In this electronic age we want to offer you the experience of traditional grooming techniques, making a haircut and shave not just a necessity, but a pleasure. Only in our shop you can indulge in classic shaving with straight-razor and hot towel steaming, keeping an old-fashioned tradition alive. 


We care about how you feel and want you to be satisfied with our services without that uncomfortable feeling of hair biting.


Our services work by appointment and walk-ins. We are happy to offer you coffee, newspaper or whisky if that’s your vice.


We also have WiFi.


In a Prague there is already three Tomas Barber Shop where we await your visit.


Salon in Prague 1 Navrátilova 16 was the first to open and nowadays is a cult address associated with perfect men care.





Naši holiči jsou pravidelně školeni přímo Tomášem Kožíškem, zakladatelem a majitelem salonů Thomas’s Barbershop. Je tak neustále rozvíjena jejich odbornost a jsou vždy schopni vám poradit. Každý holič v Thomas’s Barbershop je odborník se zodpovědným přístupem a kreativní tvorbou v oblasti účesů a úpravy vousů. Mezinárodní zkušenosti našich holičů a jejich jazyková vybavenost je samozřejmostí. Vybraný personál hovoří anglicky, francouzky a španělsky. 

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